I am an accomplished photographer with a degree from a renowned art university in China, backed by 23 years of dedicated experience in the field. Currently, I hold a membership with the China Photographers Association and I'm a member of Canadian Association For Photographic Art.
I used to be an expert member of Adobe Creative University in China (ACU) from 2014-2016. I am also the author of the first Lightroom and Aperture books in China and delivered a speech at the Macworld Asia 2011 and Macworld Asia 2012 International Photography Forum.
Over the years, I have been honored with several international photography awards. 
My creative works have been exhibited at the Commodity Department of the National Art Museum of China, the Art Exhibition Hall of Beijing Language and Culture University, Liang Jiang Art Museum in Chongqing, YinTian International Art Gallery in Hangzhou, the 2019 International Horticultural Exposition, and Mokpo Art Museum in Korea (Chinese painting).
2021-2022, I orchestrated and participated in the exhibition Homage to Classics, Researches and Practices on the Zone System for Digital Exposure (Beijing-Hangzhou-Chongqing, China, Nov.2021- Jan.2022), Grey Space – Black & White Photography Exhibition (Beijing, China, 2022) and the City Art Image International Exhibition.(Macao, China,2023)
I have captured many wonderful moments with my photography. As my friend, Aryono Huboyo Djati, a famous musician and photographer in Indonesia said "Photography is just like music. There are not any language barriers or cultural barriers. The art of photography, has the ability to speak to the best and most generous part of our human nature."
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